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Hubert “Buck” HumphreyHubert “Buck” Humphrey - consultant

Buck has worked for over twenty-five years in bipartisan government and public affairs services for clients in St. Paul, the Midwest and Washington, DC. Mr. Humphrey is an experienced government affairs and public relations executive with relationships and a track record with political leaders in Minnesota, throughout the country and in our Nation’s Capital. Mr. Humphrey's work finds him at the intersection of the private and public sectors on issues at the federal, state, and local levels.

In Minnesota, Mr. Humphrey has actively worked with Governor Walz, members of his Administration, legislative leadership, and its members. He has similar strong relationships with state capitol leaders in the Midwest and around the nation. Mr. Humphrey has strategically defined client reputations, product offerings and business lines.  His work has supported elected officials, agencies, private sector clients, NGOs, and political campaigns. His areas of expertise include government and public affairs, public and private sector business development as well as strategic communication development, management, and implementation.

Mr. Humphrey began his career in congressional relations for Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton Administration. Recently he led the St. Paul office for Forbes-Tate, a K-Street lobbying and public affairs firm. Prior to working with Forbes-Tate, he led the Office of Communications for the Department of Homeland Security’s USCIS from 2009-2012 and worked as a senior policy advisor for the Mayor of Minneapolis. For the past five Minnesota legislative sessions, Mr. Humphrey has represented clients with tax, agriculture, healthcare, finance, renewable energy and other corporate and diversified public policy interests.

His experience spans a wealth of issues including telecommunications, healthcare, renewable energy, pharmaceutical, retail, tax, banking, coops, agriculture, immigration, conservation, natural resources, as well as trade and energy policy and regulation. His communications experience includes business development, strategic planning and messaging, project lead, project management, branding, micro and macro‐targeting, Interactive, direct mail, design and comprehensive digital and social media communication strategy, tactics, and implementation.

Mr. Humphrey managed federal and state government affairs operations for AgriBank, FCB – the largest U.S. agriculture lender – and managed the eleven-state regional Farm Credit Services trade association from 1994-2000. From 2002-2009, Mr. Humphrey was partner and led federal and state relations for two successful bi-partisan government and public affairs firms, ASI Communications and Intersect Strategies.

Mr. Humphrey holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Hamline University and a B.A. in Law and Society from American University. Buck is married to Heidi Humphrey. They live with their two daughters in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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