Our Services

Hill Capitol Strategies offers an integrated approach to problem solving by providing not only government relations work, but also strategic planning and advice. Our government relations practice is broad based and includes lobbying in the areas of tax policy, telecommunications, environment, business regulation, commerce and regulated industries. With expertise in these areas and a network of contacts, Hill Capitol Strategies is able to give clients a substantial head start in making their case to policy makers.

We realize every client is unique and today’s complex public policy problems all have different agendas. Hill Capitol Strategies’ mission is to help our clients assess their strengths and weaknesses and develop a game plan to achieve results.

The bottom line for an effective public policy program is to have a comprehensive understanding of the political environment and information on the issues of concern to our clients’ organization. Our team will provide crucial information on legislative activity, which allows our clients to determine what type of involvement is needed. We have the ability to go beyond bill introductions and provide valuable insight on legislative and political activity to benefit our clients’ public policy objectives.

Lobbying/Government Relations

Government action at all levels impacts nearly every industry and Hill Capitol Strategies assists our clients as they navigate through the complex government structures and processes. We help clients draft strategic legislative goals and carry those goals forward. We are recognized for our ability to assist our clients by managing the entire process from identifying issues, developing messages and strategies, to achieving legislative success.

The relationships we have developed over the years allow us to work closely with policy makers to achieve results toward change in policies and regulations. Our relationships with key leaders provide our clients information on issues of concern early in the process, allowing them to be proactive and effective at managing issues and developing comprehensive strategies. We also assist our clients in developing relationships with key policy makers who will influence their areas of concern or legislative initiatives.

We have a vested interest in our clients and are prepared to invest the time and energy necessary to increase their understanding of the process and the challenges they face. We are the eyes and ears at the Capitol and allow our clients to manage their issues and address other concerns.

Enhanced Political Campaign Efforts

Elections can be critical in determining the success of any public policy agenda. Our seasoned campaign team can assist in the efforts to increase the participation of your organization in both political donations and local elections.

Grassroots Efforts

Grassroots support lends credibility to many legislative issues and projects. We have found our clients’ best advocates are the members of their organization and the general public. Our experience in developing and managing grassroots efforts has proven successful for our clients and helps build core relationships with their communities and local leaders to assist them in achieving their desired public policy results.

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